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School Educators and Staff


Pastoral: Responsible for religious education and pastoral care for teachers, staff and students, respecting the right of people to have their own belief.

Rev. Márcia Célia Pereira

Principal: Responsible for implementation and monitoring the educational project.

Teacher Joselene Rodrigues Henriques

Pedagogical Coordinator: Responsible for direction and implementation of educational practices in each segment. 

Kindergarten School Educational Coordinator 
Profª Caroline Cristina Raimundo Araújo

Middle and High School Educational Coordinator 
Teacher Samantha Gris da Silva Pereira

Counselor: Responsible, along with Pedagogical Coordination, of monitoring student’s development.

Kindergarten School Counselor 
Teacher Caroline Cristina Raimundo Araújo

Middle and High School Counselor 
Teacher Lúcia Cristina P G da Silva

Area Advisors: responsible for monitoring, control and completion of the syllabus of disciplines and projects.

Advisor for Languages and Codes
Teacher Elcy Pereira Cason Pecorari

Advisor for Science and Nature

Advisor for Human Sciences
Teacher Thais Gonsales Soares

Bilingual Advisor
Teacher Nelly Diacov Braga

School Office: Responsible for reports, organizing, handling and archiving school documents. 

School Secretary 
Ariane Mardegam Pizzol

Physical Facilities

Laboratories: The College offers Multidisciplinary and Informatics Laboratoriesy, equipped with the most modern instruments. There is also a room for application of Mind Lab games. 

Library: Fully computerized, including networking with the University library (UNIMEP), it has a rich and constantly updated collection. There are rooms for studying and researching. 

Sports sector: Composed by a Sports Court and a Mirror Room. 

Canteen: Offers breakfast, snacks, vitamins and fruit, and is regularly supervised by a Nutritionist. 

First Aid Post: assists in emergency care, making the needed medical referral. 

Main Hall: With capacity for 528 people, the space is used for academic and cultural activities. 

Chapel: Room for meditation and celebration.

Martha Watts Cultural Center: Cultural space that offers rooms for vernisage, cultural exhibitions (paintings, photographs, newspapers, etc.). It also operates the Museum of Colégio Piracicabano's history.