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Scholarships Program

In respect of new devices of the philanthropic legislation prevailing in the country, Colégio Piracicabano performs fitness of their social inclusion programs in this way will maintain the following types of scholarships:

Scholarship for needy people

Awarded to a student who fits the criteria of socio-economic gap established by Prouni, under the law applicable to educational institutions with certificate of Social Assistance Beneficent Entity (Cebas), in addition to other criteria required by the institution.

Incentive Scholarship

Discounts of 15% is granted for new students from Kindergarten, Elementary and Middle School and 30% for new students from the High School, during the first school year.


Discount of 5% is granted to students of Colégio Piracicabano, with father, mother, brother, children or spouse also enrolled at the Unimep (graduation and Lato Sensu).

General Rule

It is not permitted the accumulation of SCHOLARSHIPS, DISCOUNTS AND/OR COVENANTS.