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The early childhood education deserves a lot of attention, because it is during this period that are thrown the bases of the personality of the human being. The interest to learn is spontaneous in children, but need to be guided and stimulated with sensitivity to that, together with the new knowledge, self-esteem and the safety of the pupil can take hold.

On Colégio Piracicabano, children at this age have a cheerful, affectionate, rich, dynamic, challenging and playful environment, with a structure that allows them to overcome the challenges that the new discoveries about the world bring them.

A school environment that is warmly receptive is required for small child, because her entry in early childhood education, while it brings new experiences and widens your world, creates a situation of separation, as much for her as for the family, and may generate anxiety and insecurity. This is a matter dealt with enough attention, through a program of accepted students and their parents, so that families and children feel well emotionally and take advantage of all the possibilities that the school offers.

Opening hours of the Kindergarten:

  • From monday to friday - 01:00 pm to 5:30 pm