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High School

Tle last cycle of Basic Education

High School is the last cycle of basic education. When it ends, the student must have received the basic needed knowledge for life. An important aspect that is brought up to the student at this time is the work and career choice. By reaching the third grade, the student has the opportunity to pursue his or her career by subscribing to college entrance exams.

The preparation of the students, not only for the exam, but also to university life deserves special attention at Colégio Piracicabano. The curriculum of the school includes a series of activities to enable them to face the challenges of university life successfully, and encourages them to develop the needed resources for an adult life that within a few years will be starting. This means having knowledge about the world and about them, and the ability to relate to others, as they formed themselves with the principles of life.

Opening hours of the High School:

From monday to friday - 7:00 am to 12:45 pm