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por fernando publicado 13/01/2016 11h06, última modificação 13/01/2016 11h06

The Colégio Piracicabano maintains partnerships with trade associations, trade unions, businesses, municipalities and other organizations, with the goal of granting discounts on tuition fees.

The benefit is intended for new students in the courses of Colégio Piracicabano, from Kindergarten to High school.

If your company or the place where you work, have an interest in establishing partnership with us, please send an email expressing intention and informing branch of activity, the city where it is located and an approximate number of employees to convenios@unimep.br and we will contact you.


1- The discount agreement does not accumulates with other discounts and scholarships.

2- The conditions for granting the discount agreement are defined in the end-user license agreement signed between Educational Institute of the Methodist Church, maintainer of Colégio PIracicabano and the partner company.