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Bilingual Education

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Our Bilingual Proposal



The subjects offered in the kindergarten aim to introduce gradually everyday and school vocabulary in a leisure and enjoyable manner in contextualized activities developed in the various environments of the school, in order that children appropriate naturally the second language and proposed content. In our approach, we lean on audio-visual resources in order to stimulate first, auditory and oral skills in our students and illustrate what is being proposed because English is not the only one, but the main vehicle of communication between teachers and students.


It is in Elementary school that the systematization of English language becomes more comprehensive, with a curriculum that will improve in all skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) and content. In the first two grades of Elementary School, the emphasis still focuses on oral and visual skills. From the third grade forward is that reading and writing begin to be worked more intensely. From the fourth grade reading and writing begin to be developed focusing on the structure and text genres competence, in addition to deepening our studies in science.


The discipline of Modern English language becomes more focused on all skills, and students are divided by level of knowledge so they can deepen the study and practice the second language in a more intense manner in small groups. Studies in science and geography are highlighted in practical lessons in science laboratories in the discipline of Environment and Human Development. At the same time, American and British literature begins being studied in Reading and Writing Strategies, when some of the major literary works, as well as the lives of its writers, becomes a focus of study. The last grade of Middle School aims that our students be able to identify and write in various discursive and textual genres as well as along the lines of the main English language proficiency tests.


Glimpsing the careers of our students, the improvement of the English language happens in English classes with reduced number of students per class, grouped by level of proficiency. In addition to language skills, the entrance exams become part of our studies.